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Category Archives: Equal Pay Act

August 13, 2018

New Jersey Equal Pay Act: 10 Steps to Compliance

1.  Implement a bona fide seniority or merit system: a.  Seniority System: i.  Allocate benefits and compensation according to length of service. b.  Merit System: i.  Must be a structured procedure; ii.  Employees must be evaluated at regular intervals using pre-determined criteria; iii.  Can be based upon objective standards such as a test or a  Read More arrow

June 11, 2018

Ready or Not, Here It Comes! Equal Pay Act is Right Around the Corner

On July 1, 2018, the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act (“Act”), one of the strongest equal protection pay laws in the Country, will become effective. The Act prohibits all employers from paying any member of a “protected class” at a lower rate of compensation, including benefits, than the rate paid to employees who are  Read More arrow